ZeroB UV Water Purifier


The Invisible Threat in Your Tap: Microbial Menaces

Drinking water contaminated with microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses can lead to serious health issues. These pathogens can cause a range of diseases, including gastroenteritis, giardiasis, typhoid, dysentery, cholera, and hepatitis. They can enter the water supply through various sources, including sewage and animal waste. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your drinking water is properly treated to remove these harmful microorganisms, safeguarding your health.

Embrace the Clarity: UV Water Purification Unveiled


ZeroB UV Water Purifier

ZeroB UV Water Purifiers, are advanced water purification systems that use UV technology to ensure safe drinking water. They effectively paralyze disease-causing bacteria and viruses, providing you with water that’s safe for consumption. These purifiers are particularly recommended for water supplied by municipal corporations and pre-treated water sources. They are designed to be user-friendly with easy installation and automatic operation. With ZeroB UV Water Purifiers, you can be assured of the quality and safety of your drinking water.
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Our product range

ZeroB UV Water Purifiers

ZeroB UV Grande 2X

Next gen UV purification system, removes micro organisms.

  • Hexapure Technology
  • LED Indicator
  • Ultra filtration mode

ZeroB Kitchenmate UV

Get rid of harmful chemicals and other impurities.

  • TLS Valve
  • Meets ISO standards
  • Space maangement

ZeroB UV Grande

UV filter with higher water shelf life, prevents germ buildup.

  • Hexapure Technogy
  • 6 stages water purification
  • ESS Technology

ZeroB Ignite Hot & Normal Online

Online purified hot water with temperature control

  • 5 Temperature settings
  • Multiple dispensing volumes
  • 5 stage purification

ZeroB New Kitchenmate UV

Space friendly UV filter for your kitchen.

  • Space management
  • Smart performance
  • Long reach designer faucet

ZeroB Ignite Hot & Normal

UF + UV portable purified hot water.

  • Table top form factor
  • Turn and Twist cartridges
  • Zero water wastage

ZeroB UV Grande Plus

Ultimate remedy against photo-re-activation of microbes

  • Next gen UV Tech
  • Hexapure Technology
  • 6 stages purification

Why get ZeroB UV Water Purifiers

Effective Purification

Next-gen UV purification to ensure bacteria-free, and virus-free water


These purifiers are easy to install, automatic, and user-friendly.

Trusted Method

UV purification is a proven and trusted method to purify water

What is the primary function of ZeroB UV Water Purifiers?

 They use UV purification to paralyze disease-causing bacteria and viruses, providing safe drinking water

What kind of water source is suitable for these purifiers?

 They are recommended for water supplied by municipal corporations and pre-treated water sources

How user-friendly are these purifiers?

They are easy to install, automatic, and user-friendly

What is the storage capacity of these purifiers?

They come with a detachable storage tank that can hold up to 6 liters of water

What is the purification method used by these purifiers?

 They use a next-gen UV purification system

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