Water High TDS Solutions


High TDS in water

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) refer to the concentration of dissolved substances, including minerals, salts, and other organic compounds, in water. TDS levels can be measured using specialized meters or through laboratory analysis. Meters provide a quick and convenient way to assess TDS levels on-site, while laboratory analysis offers more detailed information about the composition of dissolved substances present in the water sample. Elevated TDS levels may indicate the presence of excess minerals or contaminants, impacting water quality and suitability for various purposes.

Impacts of High TDS in Water


High TDS levels in drinking water can affect its taste and odor, making it less palatable for consumption. While minerals present in TDS are generally not harmful to health, excessively high concentrations may impart a noticeable mineral taste or metallic flavor to the water, which may be undesirable for some individuals. Moreover, elevated TDS levels may indicate the presence of other dissolved substances or contaminants that could pose health risks if present in significant amounts. Therefore, monitoring and reducing TDS levels can help improve the taste and overall quality of drinking water.


Scale buildup resulting from high TDS levels can have adverse effects on the performance and longevity of household appliances. As water with high TDS levels evaporates or undergoes heating processes, dissolved minerals and salts can precipitate and form scale deposits on surfaces, including heating elements, pipes, and fixtures. This scale buildup reduces water flow rates, impedes heat transfer efficiency, and increases the risk of corrosion and damage to appliance components. Over time, scale accumulation can lead to decreased appliance lifespan and increased maintenance costs, necessitating regular descaling or water treatment to mitigate these effects.

Our Solutions

Tiran offers a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions designed to reduce TDS levels and provide pure, high-quality drinking water. Our Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems utilize semi-permeable membranes to effectively remove dissolved substances, including minerals, salts, and contaminants, from water, producing clean and refreshing drinking water. Additionally, our distillation units employ the process of vaporization and condensation to separate pure water from dissolved solids, ensuring superior water quality. For applications requiring ultra-pure water, our deionization filters remove ions and dissolved minerals, further enhancing water purity. By offering advanced water treatment technologies, Tiran helps customers minimize TDS levels, prolong appliance functionality, and enjoy clean, great-tasting water for various household and commercial applications.

ZeroB RO Water Purifier

ZeroB RO Purifiers: Multi-stage, pure water, portable, aesthetic, low-maintenance.

Fisher Whole House RO Unit

Fisher’s RO Plant: Compact, GSM-enabled, effectively purifies high-salt water.