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Tiran is an Authorized Dealer of 3M water solution in Chennai. 3M Water Softeners, 3M Scale Prevention System, 3M Water Filter and 3M Smart Drinking Water System.
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3M Fully Automatic Water Softener

Fully Automatic Softener

Effective solution for your hard water woes.

3M Whole House Chlorine Removal System

Chlorine Removal System

Ensuring taste-free odorless water.

3M™ Whole House Scale Prevention System

Scale Prevention System

Defending Against Damaging Water Scale Buildup.

3M Whole Kitchen Drinking Water System

Drinking Water System

Enabling cooking and cleaning with pure water.

3M Whole House Sediment Filtration

Whole House Filtration

Banishing Sediment Woes for Crystal-Clear Water

3M Automatic Backwash Filtration System

Backwash Filtration System

Reduction of bulk sediment at the point of entry.

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