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Relief from Low Water Pressure Woes

Elevate Your Experience: KSB Water Pressure Pump

Say goodbye to the frustration of low water pressure in your restrooms and kitchens with the KSB Water Pressure Pump. Enjoy consistent and powerful water flow throughout your home, ensuring efficient showers, smoother kitchen tasks, and overall enhanced convenience. Upgrade to KSB for an elevated water experience today.

Experience the Right Flow of Water in your Taps!


KSB Pressure Pumps

KSB Pressure Pumps are engineered to meet the diverse needs of water pressure boosting, domestic supply, and irrigation with their state-of-the-art design. They feature robust construction, stainless steel hydraulic components, and are optimized for low noise and high efficiency. With capacities suitable for a range of applications and heads, these pumps are equipped with automatic pressure systems, thermal overload protection, and wear-resistant shafts. Their compact and lightweight design ensures easy installation and operation, making them a reliable choice for consistent water supply solutions. KSB’s pressure pumps are a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and performance.
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Our product range

KSB Feed Pump


Suitable for water pressure boosting systems with Multi-jet shower panels. Can be used for domestic water supply systems, Irrigation and small industrial water supply.

KHM0204 | KHM0206 | KHM0402 | KHM0403 | KHM0404 | KHM0406 | KHM0803

  • Pump sizes : 7 models
  • Capacity : up to 10 m3/hr
  • Head : up to 42 mtr
  • Motor Power : up to 1.5 kW 1Ø 220 Volts, 50 Hz


Suitable for Pressurised water, showers in bathroom.

  • Pump Size : 25 x 25 mm
  • Capacity : up to 2200 LPH
  • Head : up to 26 meters
  • Power : up to 0.37 kW (0.5 HP)
  • Voltage Band : 180-240 V
  • Temperature : Suitable for 300 C water
  • Liquid : Clear Water
  • Starting Method : CSR

Why Choose KSB Pressure Pumps

Robust and Efficient

Durable construction and high operational efficiency for diverse applications.

Automatic Control

Smart pressure systems that start and stop the pump automatically.

Safety and Durability

Thermal overload protection and wear-resistant components.

What applications are KSB Pressure Pumps suitable for?

They are perfect for boosting water pressure, supplying water to homes, and supporting irrigation systems.

How do the MultiBOOST and PERIBOOST Plus models differ?

MultiBOOST is ideal for higher capacity needs up to 10 m³/hr, while PERIBOOST Plus is more compact and suitable for up to 2200 LPH.

What features contribute to the longevity of KSB Feed Pumps?

The high-quality mechanical seal, robust body materials, and thermal overload protection contribute to their durability.

Are KSB Pressure Pumps energy-efficient?

Yes, they are designed for high efficiency with low power consumption.

Can KSB Pressure Pumps be used for industrial applications?

Yes, MultiBOOST is suitable for small industrial water supply systems.

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