3M Whole House Chlorine Removal System

Eliminating Chlorine, Enhancing Water Quality at Home

Revitalizing Home Water, Neutralizing Chlorine Presence

Discover the detrimental effects of chlorine in your water supply, from unpleasant taste and odor to potential health concerns. With Our House Chlorine Removal System, bid farewell to chlorine-induced woes and enjoy crisp, clean water that's free from the harsh effects of chlorine.

Quench Crisp, Chlorine-Free Water at Home


3M™ Whole House Chlorine Removal System

The 3M™ Whole House Chlorine Removal System, using pre-activated carbon technology, eliminates excess chlorine, ensuring odorless, taste-free water. Installed at the main entry, it operates without electricity, conserving water and handling high flow rates with its robust design.
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3M Whole House Chlorine Removal System

Why get 3M™ Whole House Chlorine Removal System

Effective Purification

Removes chlorine efficiently for better tasting water.


Functions without electricity and prevents water wastage.

High Capacity

Accommodates high water flow with a durable housing system.

How does the system remove chlorine?

It uses pre-activated carbon technology and catalysis.

Where is the system installed?

It’s installed at the primary water entry point of the house.

Does the system affect water pressure?

No, it includes a pressure relief button to manage high flow rates.

Can the system handle different water temperatures?

Yes, it’s designed to work effectively across a range of water temperatures.

Is the system easy to install?

The system is user-friendly, with straightforward installation guidelines provided.

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