Iron Removal Solutions


Iron in water

Iron contamination in water often presents noticeable signs such as a metallic taste, reddish-brown staining on fixtures, and discoloration of water. These indicators are typically observed by consumers, prompting the need for further investigation. Test kits designed specifically for iron detection provide a convenient means of confirming its presence, while more precise measurements can be obtained through laboratory analysis. Iron levels are usually expressed in milligrams per liter (mg/L) or parts per million (ppm), indicating the concentration of dissolved iron in the water.

Impacts of Iron in Water


While iron itself is not considered harmful to human health, its presence in water can adversely affect its taste and appearance. High levels of iron often result in a metallic or rusty taste, which can be off-putting to consumers. Additionally, iron can cause staining on laundry, dishes, and plumbing fixtures, detracting from aesthetic appeal. Although not directly harmful, these aesthetic concerns may prompt individuals to seek solutions for iron removal from their water supply.


The accumulation of iron in water distribution systems and household appliances can have detrimental effects on their performance and longevity. Iron deposits can lead to the clogging of pipes and plumbing fixtures, reducing water flow rates and increasing pressure on seals and valves. Furthermore, iron buildup in appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines can impair their efficiency and functionality over time. The presence of iron in water also contributes to the formation of scale, which can coat heating elements and reduce energy efficiency.

Our Solution

Tiran offers solutions designed to effectively address iron contamination in water sources. Our iron removal filters utilize advanced filtration media or catalytic oxidation processes to efficiently remove dissolved iron ions from water, ensuring improved water quality and taste. Additionally, our oxidation systems facilitate the conversion of soluble iron to insoluble precipitates, which can then be filtered out of the water. For households experiencing hardness and iron issues concurrently, our water softeners offer a combined solution by treating both hardness minerals and iron contaminants. By providing tailored iron removal solutions, Tiran helps customers enhance water quality, prevent staining, and preserve the integrity of their appliances.

ZeroB Iron Remover

ZeroB Iron Remover: Innovative, user-friendly, ensures clean, iron-free water.