Fisher Whole House RO Unit

Addressing Concerns with Direct Water Consumption.

Pure Hydration: Fisher Whole House RO Unit

Discover the drawbacks of consuming plain water directly and elevate your hydration experience with the Fisher Whole House RO Unit. Say goodbye to impurities, contaminants, and potential health risks associated with untreated water. Enjoy peace of mind and pure hydration with our advanced filtration technology.

Whole House RO: Pure Hydration Solution!


Fisher Whole House RO Unit

Fisher has been purifying water with challenging parameters for more than 15 years. Our rich experience in manufacturing for over 5 decades have paved the way for the development of industry first compact RO Plant with GSM technology.
RO technology is used to purify water specifically where the salt content is high. RO can effectively remove 95-98% of the dissolved salts, heavy metals and micro organisms.
RO Plant separates the feed water into two streams. One stream flows out as permeate water from which the salts have been removed. These salts have to be removed out of the membrane continuously. The second stream called the reject carries these salts out of the RO Plant. The reject water contains approximately double the TDS of feed water.
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Product Features

Fisher Whole House RO Unit
5``, TFT, colour, touch screen
Set limits for Parameters
Set upper and lower limits for power consumption, permeate and feed TDS, recovery %, high pressure pump current and temperature, flow rate of feed, permeate, reject, salt rejection, membrane pressure
Antiscalant, SMBS, ph reduction, ph boost, biocide
Current cycle time, Total hour meter
Analytical graphs are shown on screen, monthly and annual data sent via sms
Switch on the RO Plant from mobile, select required alerts, set do not disturb time, enter upto 5 mobile numbers. Supports over the air program settings
Auto modes
Tank level, timer, time zones, cyclic run, set volume
Analytical graphs are shown on screen, monthly and annual data sent via sms
Set action against each alert
Send sms, switch to safe mode or shut down
Set flow unit
Membrane Flush cycles
Feed water flush at start and end, optional HP pump ON during flushing, permeate flush at the end with optional permeate tank, intermediate flush, periodic auto wake up and wetting
Sand filter
Manual or automatic valve. Auto activation on low flow and set intervals
Two high pressure pumps and two feed pumps with automatic change over after set interval or on over load trip
Datum data capture
Captures datum parameters after installation and constantly compares operating parameters against them

Why Choose Fisher Whole House RO Unit

Advanced Technology

Fisher’s RO Unit incorporates cutting-edge GSM technology, ensuring efficient water purification and easy management via mobile connectivity.

Comprehensive Monitoring

With a 5`` TFT color touch screen and SMS alerts, users can monitor and adjust settings for optimal performance, ensuring safety and reliability.

Versatile Applications

Designed for diverse settings from homes to hospitals, Fisher’s RO Unit meets a wide range of water purification needs with its robust features.

What is the role of GSM technology in the RO Unit?

GSM technology allows for remote management and monitoring of the RO Unit, providing alerts and updates directly to your mobile device.

Can I control the RO Unit when I’m away from home?

Yes, the RO Unit can be switched on and controlled remotely via SMS, making it convenient to manage from any location.

How does the RO Unit ensure the quality of purified water?

The unit is equipped with sensors that monitor TDS levels, ensuring 95-98% removal of dissolved salts, heavy metals, and microorganisms.

What kind of maintenance alerts does the RO Unit provide?

The unit sends SMS alerts for maintenance needs such as dosing pump failures, input power quality issues, and membrane flushing requirements.

Is the Fisher RO Unit suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely, the Fisher RO Unit is designed for both residential and commercial applications, including factories, hotels, and hospitals.

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