Fisher Pressure Pump


Pressure Instability and High Power Consumption

A pressure pump without an inverter operates at full speed upon each start, similar to a fan without a regulator. This results in excessive power usage, even for minimal water flow needs like a single shower. When multiple outlets are used, pressure drops across all points, failing to maintain consistent pressure. Additionally, the pump’s high starting current, which is ten times the nominal current, coupled with frequent activations, can lead to motor damage. To mitigate this, a pressure tank is installed to store water and extend the intervals between pump activations.

Ditch the issue of high power consumption, choose inverter pressure pumps (TBD)


Fisher RUSH Series: Optimal Pressure, Minimal Hassle

The Fisher RUSH series inverter pressure pump is a state-of-the-art solution for maintaining consistent water pressure. Utilizing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), it adjusts the motor speed to match water demand, ensuring true constant pressure across all showers. The system’s intelligent design allows for easy pressure adjustments and provides robust protection features, making it ideal for a variety of applications.
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Our product range

Fisher Pressure Pumps

Fisher Rush (Single Pump)

Suitable for lower flow rate applications

  • Single Pump
  • Villas & Flats

Fisher Rush (Multiple Pumps)

Suitable for higher flow rates

  • Two and Three pumps
  • hotels, hospitals, factories, schools, hotels, restaurants

Why Choose Fisher Pressure Pumps

Intelligent Speed Regulation

Adapts to varying water demands, providing constant pressure and reducing power consumption.

Robust Construction

Stainless steel components and weather-resistant enclosures ensure durability and reliability.

Versatile Use

Suitable for a wide range of settings, from residential to small commercial applications.

How does the Fisher Inverter Pressure Pump maintain constant water pressure?

The pump uses a VFD to adjust motor speed in response to water demand, ensuring consistent pressure.

Can the pressure settings be adjusted easily?

Yes, users can adjust the pressure settings with a simple touch of a button.

Is the Fisher Inverter Pressure Pump suitable for outdoor installation?

With its weather-resistant enclosure and proprietary cooling system, it is ideal for semi-outdoor installations.

What safety features does the Fisher Inverter Pressure Pump have?

It includes overload, voltage, and thermal protections, as well as dry run prevention.

What applications are best for the Fisher Inverter Pressure Pump?

It’s perfect for homes, villas, hotels, hospitals, and various commercial settings.

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