Fisher Water Dispenser UV-C Purification

Eliminating Waterborne Contaminants with UV-C Technology

Fisher UV-C Water Dispenser: Pure Hydration Essential.

Uncover the risks associated with untreated water and embrace the Fisher UV-C Water Dispenser for uncompromised purity. Say goodbye to harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses lurking in your water supply. Safeguard your health and enjoy peace of mind with advanced UV-C purification technology in every sip.

Brilliantly Pure: Fisher's UV-C Aquatic Haven


Fisher Water Dispenser UV-C Purification: Ensuring Sterile Hydration

The Fisher Water Dispenser uses UV-C radiation at 253.7nm to eliminate 99.9% of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, without chemicals. It’s designed to maintain water sterility by automatically replenishing water every 4 hours, ensuring constant safety and freshness. The dispenser’s compact, wall-mounted design saves space, while the durable stainless steel construction and powerful UV-C lamps provide reliability and longevity.
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Our product range

Fisher Water Dispenser UV-C Purification

Fisher Dura 1

Purified water for small scale applications

  • Outlets: 1
  • Water Temparature: Normal

Fisher Dura 2

Purified water for small scale applications

  • Outlets: 2
  • Water Temparature: Normal, Hot

Fisher Dura 5

Purified water for large scale applications

  • Outlets: 5
  • Water Temparature: Normal, Hot

Why Choose Fisher Water Dispenser UV-C Purification

Effective Sterilization

UV-C technology ensures the destruction of harmful microorganisms, providing safe drinking water.

Automatic Replenishment

The dispenser refreshes water every 4 hours, keeping it sterile and fresh around the clock.

Space-Saving Design

Its compact size and wall-mount capability make it an ideal fit for any setting.

How does UV-C purification work in the Fisher Water Dispenser?

UV-C light targets and destroys the DNA of microorganisms, ensuring the water is free from pathogens.

Will the UV-C treatment affect the taste or smell of the water?

No, the UV-C process does not alter the water’s taste or smell.

What happens if the UV-C lamp fails?

The dispenser is equipped with an alert system for lamp failure to ensure timely maintenance.

Is the Fisher Water Dispenser suitable for public places?

Absolutely, its robust design and efficient purification make it perfect for hospitals, schools, offices, and other public areas.

How often does the water need to be replenished in the dispenser?

The dispenser automatically replenishes the water every 4 hours to maintain sterility.

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