KSB Open Well Submersible Pumps

Solving Submersible Pump Challenges Across Various Applications

Unlocking Efficiency: KSB Submersible Pump Solutions

Say goodbye to common challenges faced in farming, fountains, and other applications requiring submersible pumps with KSB's Open Well Submersible Pumps. Our advanced technology ensures reliable water supply, efficient irrigation, and optimal performance, addressing the diverse needs of different industries with ease and precision.

KSB: Submersible Pump Performance Guaranteed


KSB Open Well Submersible Pumps

The KSB Openwell Submersible Pumpset is engineered for diverse applications ranging from flood irrigation to decorative fountains. Its robust stainless steel body and optimally loaded motor ensure maximum hydraulic efficiency and a long, vibration-free life. Designed to perform under low voltage conditions, it guarantees stable performance across various water supply systems. The pumpset’s water-cooled, re-windable motor is built for durability and easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for both agricultural and domestic needs. With its dynamic balance and efficient design, the KSB Openwell Pumpset stands out as a reliable solution for comprehensive water management.
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Our product range

KSB Open Well Submersible Pumps

KSB Opal 05i

Versatile Submersible Pumpset

  • 0.5 HP
  • Flow Rate: 156 LPM
  • Pipe Size: 25 X 25 mm

KSB Opal 10i

Versatile Submersible Pumpset

  • 1.0 HP
  • Flow Rate: 175 LPM
  • Pipe Size: 32 X 25 mm

KSB Opal 10CX i

Versatile Submersible Pumpset

  • 1.0 HP
  • Flow Rate: 174 LPM
  • Pipe Size: 32 X 25 mm

KSB Opal 15i

Versatile Submersible Pumpset

  • 1.5 HP
  • Flow Rate: 145 LPM
  • Pipe Size: 32 X 25 mm

Why get KSB Open Well Submersible Pumps

Wide Voltage Range

KSB Openwell Pumpsets operate efficiently across a voltage range of 250 to 440 V, ensuring consistent performance even in areas with voltage fluctuations

Easy Installation

Designed for underwater applications, these pumpsets do not require priming and are easy to install, saving time and effort

Durable and Efficient

With a stainless steel body and carbon steel thrust pad, they are built for long life and minimal frictional losses, leading to higher efficiency

What applications are suitable for the KSB Openwell Pumpset?

Ideal for flood irrigation, sprinkler and drip systems, household water supply, bungalows, high-rise buildings, and decorative fountains.

What are the key features of the KSB Openwell Pumpset?

It boasts a stainless steel body, optimal hydraulic efficiency, vibration-free operation, low voltage performance, and a durable, easy-maintenance motor.

How does the KSB Openwell Pumpset ensure efficient operation?

The motor is optimally loaded for the best hydraulic efficiency, and the dynamically balanced rotating assembly guarantees a longer life.

What makes the KSB Openwell Pumpset low maintenance?

Its water-cooled, re-windable motor is highly durable, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity.

Is the KSB Openwell Pumpset designed for voltage fluctuations?

Yes, it is designed to operate at low voltage conditions, assuring stable performance even during voltage fluctuations.

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