3M Whole House Scale Prevention System

Defending Homes Against Damaging Water Scale Buildup

Guard Your Home: 3M Scale Prevention System

Discover the detrimental effects of water scaling within homes and safeguard your living spaces with the 3M Whole House Scale Prevention System. Say goodbye to limescale buildup on fixtures, appliances, and pipes, ensuring efficient water flow and prolonging the lifespan of household equipment. Protect your investment with 3M's advanced scale prevention technology

Defending Homes Against Devastating Water Scaling


3M™ Whole House Scale Prevention System

Tiran’s 3M Scale Prevention System provides quality water throughout your house. It combines filtration and hardness treatment, preventing scaling on fixtures and protecting appliances from hard water damage. It’s an economical solution to hard water problems.
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3M™ Whole House Scale Prevention System

Why 3M Scale Prevention System from Tiran’s

Quality Water

Ensures quality water throughout the house.

Prevents Scaling

Prevents irremovable scale deposits on taps, faucets, and fixtures.

Protects Appliances

Protects appliances from scaling and corrosion due to hard water.

What is the 3M Scale Prevention System?

It’s a system that combines filtration and hardness treatment to provide quality water and prevent scaling.

How does it protect appliances?

It prevents scaling and corrosion due to hard water, thus maintaining the efficiency of your appliances.

Where should it be installed?

It can be installed for the whole house or only bathrooms, depending on your needs.

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