About Tiran Services

Tiran is one of the leading 3M Home Water Solution dealers in Chennai. Direct Dealer of 3M Home Water Solutions and other leading drinking water filtration systems. Tiran Services was established with a vision of adding value to individuals and society through our varied services and products offered. Our Counselling services are aimed at improving the quality of life for every individual in society by helping them cope with their day-to-day struggles and lead a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life. In today’s busy and stressful life, it is important for every individual to seek professional help in order to improve his / her quality of living.

Our HR Consulting services include HR Advisory services focused on improving Employee Experience by providing a great place to work and with an excellent Organization Culture. Our Training & Coaching services are aimed at developing each and every individual Human Resource of the organization, thereby improving the overall productivity. Through our coaching, we enable individuals to take responsibility and add value to the organization through his / her contributions. Our Counselling services are aimed at building better relationships among individuals within the organization and addressing the stress/negative emotions that an individual employee is going through. Through this counseling, individual employees can be more focused and solution-oriented.

Millennial Asia businessmen and businesswomen meeting brainstorming ideas about new paperwork project colleagues working together planning success strategy enjoy teamwork in small modern night office.

Tiran Services started offering products that are in line with our vision of adding value to individuals and society in turn. We are a proud Direct Dealer of 3M India, promoting the 3M Home Water Solutions, and are a Franchisee Partner of Hydroworld. We are associated with many global brands associated with water technology to provide a holistic solution to the customers for all their water-related problems for both drinking and utility.
Priya RamakrishnanFounder & Lead Consultant

Priya Ramakrishnan comes with 15 years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Development. Her first experience with a Swiss-German Multinational gave her great insights into the core of HR including Industrial Relations, which helped her grow as a Manager in just 4 years. Priya was later associated with a Global Market Research Firm for a couple of years and then moved on to work with one of India’s leading Business Assurance companies.

As she grew up in her career, she has done a lot of value additions to the organizations where Priya was associated with and learned a lot as an individual. Over the years, she had opportunities to work with the different hierarchies of people starting from Fresher’s to the Managing Director, Business Heads, COO, CFO, and so on… This exposure in dealing with a different hierarchies of people thought her much more than just being a Human Resource Professional. Her thought process of giving back to society and knowledge sharing with the budding new Human Resource professionals to excel in their job, made her quit the corporate world and get into HR Consulting as a Freelancer.

Tiran Services was founded when Priya’s vision of ‘Adding Value’ was complimented by Products that were in line with the overall vision. Priya is now a Direct Dealer of 3M India and a Franchisee partner of Hydroworld. Priya has done her MBA specializing in Human Resources & Finance and M. Sc. in Psychology. Priya grew up in the Queen of Hills, Ooty.