Counselling Services

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In this highly competitive and stressful environment, individuals are left with no time to relax and spend his/her time in building better relationship at home and at work place. Continuing to live in such an environment affects the mental health of the individual. We at Tiran help individuals identify his/her problem and the source for that problem. We also suggest ways to over come the problem or improve his/her mental health. We also help employees in organizations manage the stress, build better relationships and create a positive environment around them. Through this the overall organization culture improves over time.


Range of services:

With over 15 years of experience in the field, we at Tiran offer HR consulting, HR Advisory and Training & Coaching services focused on adding value to Organizations thereby providing a great place to work, an excellent Organization Culture, developing each and every individual resulting in improving the overall Productivity. Our Psychological Counselling Services are focused on adding value and purpose to individuals in Organizations and Society amid at improving the quality of life for every individual.

We assure to be a one point solution for the below services:
  • Building effective HR frameworks
  • Framing high impact employee friendly HR Policies and Procedures
  • Conducting HR audits to the levels of ISO standards
  • Review the Performance Management System and help implement an effective model
  • Review Employee Engagement levels and suggest ways to improve engagement
  • Framing motivating R&R Frameworks which results in increased productivity
  • Conducting Training Need analysis
  • Conducting Manpower analysis to know if the resources are effectively used
  • Framing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Custom made Training Programs
  • Campus to Corporate programs for Fresh recruits
  • Attitude & Confidence building and Emotional Intelligence workshops for bottom line employees
  • Mentoring the First time Managers
  • Coaching focused on Performance
  • Coaching focused on Leadership
  • One to one psychological counselling services

Tiran Services

Founded by Priya Ramakrishnan with a vision of adding value to Individuals and Organizations through our varied service and product offerings.