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Tiran is an Authorized Dealer of 3M water solution in Chennai. 3M Water Softeners, 3M Scale Prevention System, 3M Water Filter and 3M Smart Drinking Water System.

3M™ Fully Automatic Water Softeners

3M™ Whole House Sediment Filtration System™-Whole-Kitchen-Drinking-Water-System.jpg

3M™ Whole Kitchen Drinking Water System™-Eco-Sip.jpg

3M™ Whole House Scale Prevention System™-Whole-House-Chlorine-Removal-System.jpg

3M™ Whole House Chlorine Removal System™-Smart-Drinking-Water-Purifier.jpg

3M™ Smart Drinking Water Purifier™-Fully-Automatic-Water-Softeners.jpg

3M™ Fully Automatic Water Softeners™-Appliance-Protection-System.jpg

3M™ Appliance Protection System™-Whole-House-Scale-Prevention-System.jpg

3M™ Eco Sip